Friday, 11 December 2009

Project: FTR (getting tired of typing that all out)

So now that everything is dried and attached, I have placed the neck piece onto the helmet (with help from my friends, seeing as I needed about ten pairs of hands to get everything in place). The Helmet was finally done and looked AMAZING.

After that was attached Iglued the shawl to the top of the helmet to keep everything in place and placed a spare piece of fabric behing the bones so none of the seams from the garment would should (as this appears to be what has been done in the film costume). However, the one thing i was dissapointed in, the shawl bunched on one side of the shoulders. Iwas expecting something to be wrong with this part because of the lack of arms and shoulders on the dress form, but it would be very difficult to fix on my own (seeing as i can't pin the garment on myself) so i am just going to have to leave it. : (

And now everything is done and ready to hand in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried to keep this garment fan based and not a replica costume (an exact copy of the film garmets). I liked this idea of making the garment and posting on the blog because it kept it as part of the fan community (which is what my dissertation was based on).
This garment was picked mostly because there wasn't much written on it and I thought it was a good opportunity to do research and postings on this blog, as well as others, to bring forth what a fan goes through to create a fan based garment. It as opened my eyes to the depths that fans go through and how the fan community works. It's been an incredible experience, and Iplan on doing more things like this in the future (my boyfriend and I have already decieded to branch out and do some helmets....maybe a storm trooper or bobba fett.....or possibly branch out into the halo world).
Anyway here are some photos of the completed garment, hope you like it! One is of a very sleepy me handing it in. Not so glamourous : P

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Project: Female Tusken Raider

AFter the fimo dried out the 'bones' were glued into place down the mask and then for the attachment detailing small pieces of cardboard that were shaped to bend were used. To give these small pieces studs a drop of hot glue from the glue gun was used and left to dry. then these pieces were painted in the same manner as the helmet and place at the edges of the bones.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Project: Female Tusekn Raider

Paint is dried and now working on the neck bit.

For the small squares I am using 2 by 2.5 inch cardboard pieces and glueing them to wire to give it a bit of bend. For the studs I went out and got gold studs at the hardware store and will be painting them along with the rest of the neck piece. However, I didn't quite buy enough so my friend made a clay mold for me of one of the studs and we will be making any missing studs out of a wax from this mold. He is a genius and saved me from going crazy on this one.

After placing the studs on with a hot glue gun and painting over everything I attached a thick rope with beads (made out of 2 inch duct tape). This is for the detailing right next to the bone detailing as you can see below.

For the bones I went out and got Fimo (sculpting clay) and they were placed around a coffee mug and left to dry out to get the curve. However what I didn't know about the fimo was that it was glow in the dark, I thought it was just very white when I bought it. My firend and i went to go turn off the lights in the studio and were shocked to find my mask glowing.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Project: Female Tusken Raider

Painting is done and it looks awesome!
It really looks like metal!!!
After letting the brown paint dry and went in a basically just finger painted on the metal paints to give it a hammered look. Was very messy....and so much fun!!!
I wish I had some photos to post but my camera died on me!!! : (

Monday, 7 December 2009

Project: Tusken Raider

I'm in sussex at an art studio that my firend has let me use!! I am so incredibly thankful that they are letting me use their place, my flat is WAY too small to compelete this project!!
So excited to see how this all turns out!

First I added all the metal and cording detailing along the top of the mask and then primed it to get an nice smooth finish.
Once that drys I'll begin to paint it with dark brown acyrilic paint and then detail it with some copper and gold to give it a metal finish.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Project: Female Tusken Raider

The skirt and shawl are completely done now just need to finish the helmet!
The skirt is a bit rugged, however I kind of like that about it. The character would have had it that way seeing as she is trekking through the desert. So I left it with some holes and frays.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Project: Female Tusken Raider

Have completed the structuring of the mask and covered it in plaster to get a nice hard shape was originally going to use fiberglass but was convienced not as apparently it's 'too dangerous'.....i thought it would have been a fun new experience.....
While the platser was drying I headed off into school to get to work on draping the skirt and bandage shawl.

The skirt went very quickly. The shawl however not so much. I completely forgot that the dress for does not have shoulders and would be the garment completely wrong shape for an actual person. Just have to wing that part (fingers crossed). Here is a photo, it's not rotated for some reason and the computer is being diffuclt...sorry!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Project: Female Tusken Raider

To begin with the costume I started with the helmet, as it is the most difficult to complete. I went out and bought a skaters helmet and am going to start structuring it with card stock and sytrofoam to get the shape of the mask/helmet.
I'll post some pictures when I get through the process.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Dissertation: Costume

Ok so the creation of the costume has started! I purchased all of my fabrics today and I washed and dyed them to match that of the female tusken raider. So far so good! However, I am having some problems getting into my schools sewing labs which could be pretty bad if I don't get in there soon.
I am still trying to figure out the mask. I was looking at the website (which i am in love with) and found this tutorial
Which could be the best way to get the rounded shape (using a helmet) and would cut my time in half.
or this one
which, i think, would take much longer. The clay would take a day to dry on its own.

So much work to be done and so little time!!!!!!!

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Star Wars at H&M!!!!

So I was doing some shopping at the H&M at oxford circus and I ran across these shirts! I bought the one in blue. However what I found interesting was that the store was only selling Star Wars shirts, no other film or band shirt was to be found....kinda random.

Friday, 27 November 2009


The dissertation is almost done!!!!!!! Just some revisions and then I can get some sleep!!!!
As I am re-reading the paper though I am wondering what other people might think about the topic....
I am writing my dissertation on Costume and Community and using Star Wars and Fandom as my case studies, and stating whether dress and costume can create/enforce a community (I believe it can and does). However, within this discussion I am using the fundamentals of ethnic grouping as my definition of community. Stating that there are common visual/physical signifiers and features (which is the area I am focusing on mostly because of dress) as well as kinship and devotion (like religion or worship) that bring a community together.
What is your opinion on what brings a community or group together? Do you think it can be costume/fashion/dress?

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Fun blog

Found this new blog today while researching my project. Ian Seniff, the blogger, is apparently drawing a character from star wars everyday for a year. His drawings are amazing!
Check them out!!

Friday, 20 November 2009

Project: Female Tusken Raider

So in addition to my dissertation I am also creating a female tusken raider costume. I am going to use this blog as a diary to show my daily findings and post some photos of the work as I go along. Very exciting and very stressful seeing as my deadline is in a week!
Here are a photos below, any tips?
(Images were found at

Look, the whole family! I am sure under those masks they are just thrilled to be together!
Maybe they are off to a picnic or just getting ready to attack a small village, whichever.
(Image taken from the FIDM gallery website)

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Lady Gaga

Amazing new video from Lady Gaga for her latest single "Bad Romance".
The song was premiered at the Alexander McQueen show I wrote about in the last post.
And most of the wardrobe seems to be McQueen pieces. Here are some stills of the video as well.

However this piece looks a lot like the bandage costume from the Fifth Element, which John Paul Gaultier designed. Check it out.

Leeloo's fifth element costume below:

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Alexander Mcqueen Spring 2010 RTW

After reading the reviews of the Alexander Mcqueen Spring 2010 RTW I had to check it out. Describe in a few reviews as being influenced by Star Wars the show is definitely reminiscent of Sci-Fi. The show was titled
Plato's Atlantis and, as states,
"McQueen, according to an internal logic detailed in a press release, was casting an apocalyptic forecast of the future ecological meltdown of the world: Humankind is made up of creatures that evolved from the sea, and we may be heading back to an underwater future as the ice cap dissolves."
The shoes are intense! I looooove them. The first one kind of looks like they have a fin down the front. I am IN LOVE with the second one, loving how industrial it looks....however, I am still in shock that the models didn't tip over though (and by tip over I mean fall on their asses).
Here are some detailed pictures of the show from

Some nice detail shots of the garments. The ruffles on the right seem to be raw edged.
A few full shots.

....Now the hair was very strange. Sort of reminds me of dinosaurs for some reason. Could definitely see any of these in the Star Wars prequels.
Awesome cuff...thing.

A video below (from has a few clips from the show and interviews with show-goers. Enjoy!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Amidala: Queen of Couture

This is a fun find from!
An interview with Nick Verreos (season two Project Runway contestant, designer, and instructor at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in California) telling readers of what he thinks of the Star Wars saga attire. Here is a bit from the article:
"The most fashionable character of the saga is a toss up between Princess Leia and Queen Amidala," Verreos says. "Princess Leia's infamous metal bikini was so Paco Rabanne meets Courreges -- hot! She was the Bridgite Bardot of galaxy. In The Phantom Menace, Queen Amidala was giving us intergalactic couture. She was a Dior fashion show by John Galliano all wrapped up into one person -- a mini diva! When I first saw those Queen Amidala costumes in Vogue magazine, I remembered sketching more voluminous gowns with heavier fabrics. I fantasized that I would do a runway collection with very theatrical, bigger-than-life ensembles, something that Queen Amidala would wear. I used her as my muse and client...While Queen Amidala's style inspired Verreos to try new elements in his own designs, that doesn't mean there weren't a few fashion victims in the saga that even the Force couldn't fix. "Oh dear, Obi-Wan Kenobi and that hemp-looking robe and that 1980s Flock of Seagull-meets-Duran Duran braid of his -- bad, bad and more bad!" Verreos laughs. "I would cut that braid off and give him some color, maybe around the neckline or the edges of his robe -- something!"
I completely agree with his statement about Queen Amidala/Padme in the first three episodes. Her collection of costumes are extremely ornate and reference back to many different time periods and cultures. She would fit in on many couture runway shows and can be compared to Galliano (as stated by Mr. Verreos), John Paul Gaultier, Tao Comme des Garcons, and Hussein Chalayan Who have all put on fashion shows using the same ornate detailing and referencing as seen in Amidala's wardrobe.

...I also think that Obi-Wan Kenobi should get rid of the Jedi Mullet in Episode 2. See for yourself below.

(Image taken from

First Post!!

Hello and welcome to my blog! This is my first and is an additional feature to my dissertation that I am writing at the moment. The dissertation is based on how fashion can enhance and create communities. I am doing this using the film star wars as a case study. Having one of the largest fan communities the film is able to provide a wide look into various different communities that follow it (these being all female group communities, costume groups that dress up like the characters, fans who collect merchandise, and many others.)

Through this blog I was hoping to get some great insight from fans of the films and hear what you have to say about fashion, the films, and your opinion of fans. Every few days I will post my latest finding on different fan communities relating to both fashion and Star Wars (maybe some days an interesting find on different films with a large fan base) and I hope to hear back from you with comments and e-mails giving your opinion on the subject. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to hear from you soon!!!