Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Project: Female Tusekn Raider

Paint is dried and now working on the neck bit.

For the small squares I am using 2 by 2.5 inch cardboard pieces and glueing them to wire to give it a bit of bend. For the studs I went out and got gold studs at the hardware store and will be painting them along with the rest of the neck piece. However, I didn't quite buy enough so my friend made a clay mold for me of one of the studs and we will be making any missing studs out of a wax from this mold. He is a genius and saved me from going crazy on this one.

After placing the studs on with a hot glue gun and painting over everything I attached a thick rope with beads (made out of 2 inch duct tape). This is for the detailing right next to the bone detailing as you can see below.

For the bones I went out and got Fimo (sculpting clay) and they were placed around a coffee mug and left to dry out to get the curve. However what I didn't know about the fimo was that it was glow in the dark, I thought it was just very white when I bought it. My firend and i went to go turn off the lights in the studio and were shocked to find my mask glowing.

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