Friday, 11 December 2009

Project: FTR (getting tired of typing that all out)

So now that everything is dried and attached, I have placed the neck piece onto the helmet (with help from my friends, seeing as I needed about ten pairs of hands to get everything in place). The Helmet was finally done and looked AMAZING.

After that was attached Iglued the shawl to the top of the helmet to keep everything in place and placed a spare piece of fabric behing the bones so none of the seams from the garment would should (as this appears to be what has been done in the film costume). However, the one thing i was dissapointed in, the shawl bunched on one side of the shoulders. Iwas expecting something to be wrong with this part because of the lack of arms and shoulders on the dress form, but it would be very difficult to fix on my own (seeing as i can't pin the garment on myself) so i am just going to have to leave it. : (

And now everything is done and ready to hand in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried to keep this garment fan based and not a replica costume (an exact copy of the film garmets). I liked this idea of making the garment and posting on the blog because it kept it as part of the fan community (which is what my dissertation was based on).
This garment was picked mostly because there wasn't much written on it and I thought it was a good opportunity to do research and postings on this blog, as well as others, to bring forth what a fan goes through to create a fan based garment. It as opened my eyes to the depths that fans go through and how the fan community works. It's been an incredible experience, and Iplan on doing more things like this in the future (my boyfriend and I have already decieded to branch out and do some helmets....maybe a storm trooper or bobba fett.....or possibly branch out into the halo world).
Anyway here are some photos of the completed garment, hope you like it! One is of a very sleepy me handing it in. Not so glamourous : P

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